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Get ready for cybersecurity's most electrifying experience:

The World Hacker Games!⚡️⚡️⚡️


World Hacker Games aren't just another CTF; they're a revolution! During these live events, cybersecurity vendors showcase how their product performs in real time against a team of world-class ethical hackers. It's a showcase of skill, strategy, and unbridled innovation.


Say goodbye to the mundane – this is the future of cybersecurity!


The first vendor in the ring for 2024 is PlexTrac, the premiere pentest management and automation platform. 🥊🥊🥊


🛠️ Real-Time Resilience: PlexTrac thrives under pressure! Witness firsthand as ethical hackers navigate the digital battlefield, pushing PlexTrac to its limits in real-time. You’ll quickly see who the PlexTrac platform cuts pentest reporting time in half, enabling you to spend more time hacking and catching vulnerabilities.


 🤝 Collaboration that Packs a Punch: In the heat of the digital battle, communication is key. PlexTrac fosters collaboration. As a hacker for an enterprise security team, that might mean connecting you closer to developers and other internal security teams. As a hacker at an MSSP, that might mean connecting more with clients to share actionable insights. 


💼 Hackers' Choice: Why settle when you can have the best? PlexTrac isn't just an automated pentest management and reporting tool ; it's the preferred weapon of choice for security teams. Join the ranks of those who demand excellence, and witness PlexTrac's prowess perform in real-time.


PlexTrac: Battle-Tested and Hacker-Approved


There are two different options for this upcoming event. 

1) Join our team of elite ethical hackers participating in this event and compete for the prizes listed below 

2) Register to watch this incredible event and see how PlexTrac performs in real time. Not only is this incredible entertainment, it's a great opportunity to  validate PlexTrac's efficacy if you're considering adding them to your tech stack. 


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